...that works!

First and foremost, Grassroots Action is an idea lab. We live in the realm of generating words and images to fulfill your vision and mission. We love the challenge of working with our partner organizations to build and communicate what you want to accomplish in a way that makes you say, “That’s it!” But don’t mistake us for some highbrow creative shop. We are unashamedly direct-response communicators who know that the bottom line matters on every email and every project. Yes, we are a dynamic, full-service creative team that can help you strategize and implement all aspects of print and digital design, copy writing and deployment. But we also have a practical, direct-response, results-oriented “soul” that wants to get results for you.

Creative Services:

•Campaign strategy and management: from idea inception to execution
•Copywriting and messaging (more than 2,300 email messages crafted annually)
•Logo and image design
•Website design (hundreds of Web pages created annually)
•Social-media messaging

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