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In today’s world, organizations have more than lists, data and websites. They have a network that must be engaged across many platforms in our social-media-driven world. But while Facebook “likes” may be easy to come by, few organizations are leveraging or monetizing their digital presence in a substantial way.

Here at Grassroots Action, we’ve learned at the school of “hard knocks” just how difficult it can be to truly succeed in the social-media world. What we’ve gained from this experience is now bearing fruit for our company and our clients. Our Social Team manages Facebook pages with well over 2 million likes. We have developed tools and strategies to engage your network in ways that bear fruit while you reach new and existing audiences in new and effective ways.

Digital Services:

•Programs to grow your social media presence
•Communications that connect social media to web and email.
•Programs to monetize Facebook
•Social-media messaging
•Creative content creation
•Viral content campaigns

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