...that grows!

Here at Grassroots Action, we have a simple motto: Grow or Die! Perhaps it’s because we started when a few friends got together around a simple idea that spread like wildfire across the Internet! We’ve staked our business strategy on this growth model, and our desire from Day One is to help you grow your most important asset — your database.

On the front end, we bring experienced strategic and creative resources to your table. Our communicators are committed to growing your vision. Behind the scenes, we run a full-service database shop that manages millions of records and delivers hundreds of millions of emails every year. And because we also own one of the largest databases of grassroots Americans, we can leverage our data to help you grow while we help create your message.

•Websites that are hard-wired to the database to keep your data growing
•Email delivery (over 500 million emails sent annually)
•High Volume: Send up to 450,000 emails per hour
•Full-service house email development programs.
•Fundraising management (more than $30 million processed for our clients in past five years)
•Proprietary name-aquisition programs that deliver real assets, not promises

Want to brainstorm about how we can help you grow your core asset — your data? Connect with us to discuss your ideas and goals.

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