A few interactions that are hard-wired to the database....

Here are a few sample action and engagement pages available with Grassroots Action.

With each "action" or activity your constituents take within the custom community ecosystem we build for you, we'll track their activity straight into the database. Of course, donation and sales activity also goes straight into the CRM.

In addition, we'll also give your team members points that they can accumulate and then "cash" in for prizes, rewards, membership, access... you decide! You can show your star players on leaderboards and promote their success. Of course, you don't need to use the points system, but it's there at your discretion. You can also track the points "behind the veil" of the CRM for your internal use so you can track your best constituents. (Go here for more on the Impact Points system.)

Sample Engagement Pages:

Petition (the stalwart, the workhorse... this time on steroids)

Event (your events, their events, and you can sell tickets!)

Survey (done a bit smarter)

Activity Stream (kind of a news feed of your site)

Calendar (everyone needs a calendar)

Recruit  (A super-powered referral tool that super-charges your viral)

Moneybomb (exactly what it says. A bomb of money)

Volunteer (all those who don't need volunteers can skip this...)

Endorsements (every great campaign uses them, and so should you!)

Friend Finder (allows users to search your database for other friends in this network)

Vote Pledge (get their names on the dotted line!)