Impact Points

We want your online team to "see" in a tangible way how they are impacting your organization, your issues, and your mission. So we have established Impact Points for many of the most important activities that take place within our Grassroots Action communities. Here's a partial list (more than 100 action in all can be tracked to points) of some of the common activities on this and every Grassroots Action site that register Impact Points.

  • Comment on a post, petition, etc.
  • Donate to your organization or buy a product
  • Post to one of your Facebook pages
  • Like a post on one of your Facebook pages
  • Provide Feedback on a feedback form.
  • Follow another member of the community or a page
  • Become a Monthly Partner 
  • Sign a statement of support
  • Add a note to a profile
  • Signup and create an account on this site
  • Leave a suggestion on one of the site's suggestion forms
  • Answer a survey question
  • Sign up for text messages
  • Tweet  a mention of your organization 
  • Follow your Twitter account)

Bonus Points When Your Constituents Inspire Others To Join!

Plus, when one of your constituent's friends signs up to get updates from or partner with your organization, that referring member of our team will earn "recruiter" Impact Points for the referred friend's point-able subsequent activity! 

Want to test it out on this site?

1. Create an account.

2. Leave a comment here or on another page -- or try any of our Sample Actions -- and see your points grow here (you must be logged in).

This is a key Grassroots Action distinctive... real feedback!


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