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Mature Americans Calling for the Dismantling of ObamaCare

The Issue
Unless fully repealed, ObamaCare is set to be implemented January 2014 - triggering the largest tax increase any of us has ever seen, and forcing "subjects" to surrender their rights - all in the name of the largest federal expanse of government in the history of our nation.

ObamaCare must go! In addition to the ongoing debate over the consequences of ObamaCare, lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are also questioning the viability of implementation and the monumental cost of this government takeover. The IRS, which has been tasked to administer ObamaCare compliance, is embroiled in a massive scandal that erodes their credibility and makes their enforcing of ObamaCare objectionable to a majority of Americans. Patient Navigators now have access to the Federal Data Services Hub, a comprehensive database containing every American's most sensitive information, which will be shared with the IRS and a half-dozen other agencies.

The Action
Conservative 50 Plus - a fast-growing alliance for conservatives- has launched a National Petition giving Americans a platform to voice their opinion on the effort to dismantle ObamaCare. Conservative 50 Plus is already preparing to hand-deliver your petition to key leaders in both the House and Senate.

Sign this petition, and let your voice be heard! Join us in this fight to rid our nation of ObamaCare.

This plan to protect and defend your constitutional rights and the future of our nation's free economy requires participation from people like you!

Join the ranks in standing against this assault on our freedoms, and say, "NO" to ObamaCare. Your signature makes a difference. You can help defeat this legislation!  

The Petition States:
As a concerned American citizen, I am signing this petition to show my support for the dismantling and/or overturning of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) through delaying the implementation of the law's mandates and ultimately repealing the unwanted intrusion in our health care. Cost aside, I oppose any government interference in my personal and private health care decisions and flatly reject any federal efforts to limit my healthcare choice. ObamaCare is an aggressive assault on our Constitution that must be purged from our laws. 

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