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My name is Martin D. Weiss. I am a financial expert, educator and New York Times bestselling author. I have dedicated my life to helping hard-working, tax-paying citizens like you protect their piece of the American Dream.

In 1959, my father organized a national grassroots campaign that brought 11 million taxpayer petitions to Congress, helping President Eisenhower give us the last truly balanced federal budget in a half century.

Unfortunately, in the decades that followed, our government piled on more debt and an ever-growing burden for our children and grandchildren.

That was bad enough. But the debt explosion today is so vastly larger, even some tax-and-spend politicians are in a state of shock ... and even the Congressional Budget Office admits the federal deficit is going to be $1.85 TRILLION for this year alone - nearly FOUR times more than last year's deficit!

And the government's new scheme is the worst of all - of bailing out unworthy bankers, brokers, insurers and automakers while expecting struggling middle-class taxpayers to simply pick up the tab.

"I'm fighting MAD and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

I've had it with Washington's plan to throw good money after bad.

I'm fed up with bailed out CEOs committing the same blunders that created this mess, then giving themselves multi-million-dollar bonuses.

I refuse to stay silent while Washington fat-cats destroy our nation, exploiting this crisis ... exploding the national debt and demanding that you and I pay for their mistakes!

This must stop!

That's the message I want to take with me to Washington, and I'm calling on citizens like you to join with me by signing my "Thanks for Nothing" petition. I want to represent you and hundreds of thousands of other citizens on Capitol Hill when I confront our lawmakers with the truth about what they are doing to our nation!

I also want to help YOU get your family safely through this crisis by giving you a free copy of my Special Report - Six Urgent Steps You Must Take Immediately To Protect And Grow Your Wealth As This Crisis Intensifies. As soon as you sign the petition, I will provide you exclusive access to these resources. But first, I need you to sign the petition.

This is a life-changing moment for you and our entire country. If you are as mad as I am at Washington - and as concerned about our families' future - sign my petition now.


Martin D. Weiss

The Petition States:
As a taxpaying citizen, I'm fed up with lawmakers and policymakers who are pushing our nation to the brink of bankruptcy with the greatest deficit spending and most burdensome bailouts in history. These failed policies only prolong the agony and double the burden for our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

By signing my name to this petition, I'm putting you on notice, and holding you accountable not only for my financial future, but for that of my children and my nation. Furthermore, I want you to know that I oppose:
  • The "too-big-to-fail" bailouts that can only deepen the crisis and postpone a real recovery;
  • The huge tax increases and massive government borrowing that would inevitably be needed to fund the largest federal deficits of all time; and
  • The "punish the innocent and reward the guilty" path our leaders are stubbornly pursuing - a path that will surely dash the American Dream.
As an American, I am committed to exposing your failing plan and taking back my nation from the brink of economic destruction. Quite frankly, given the choice of continuing your current insane policies of endless government spending and bailouts and making it on my own, I say, "Thanks for Nothing, Washington. I'll bail myself out!"

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Secure borders, stop illegal immigration
Expose liberal media bias
Stop NAFTA, North Am. Union
Defend rights of the unborn
Oppose government waste, earmarks
Reform taxes/eliminating the IRS
2nd Amendment right to bear arms
War on terror and national security
Keep the Pledge of Allegiance
Defend traditional marriage
Uphold broadcast decency standards
Pardon Agents Ramos/Compean
Expose and defeat the ACLU
Defund Planned Parenthood
Stop liberal judicial activism
Oppose radical global warming activism
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About the New York Times Bestselling Author

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D., is president of Weiss Research, Inc., and Editor of the Safe Money Report, known for warning investors of this crisis well ahead of time. He is the author of two other Wiley bestsellers, including The Ultimate Safe Money Guide: How Everyone 50 and Over Can Protect, Save, and Grow Their Money and Crash Profits: Make Money When Stocks Sink and Soar.