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Demand the Media Stop Serving as a Mouthpiece for President Obama

Obama Scandal Tracker
(Find them here because you won't find them in the liberal media)
Illegal Recess Appointments
80% of DOE Green Energy Loans
  Went to Obama Backers
Fast and Furious
Support of Occupy Wall Street
Biden charging Secret Service
Half Billion Contract Sole-Sourced
  to Obama Crony

The liberal media have become President Obama’s megaphone -- eagerly applauding his every move and repeating his talking points on everything from ObamaCare to his massive spending plans to government takeovers to the rest of statist proclivities. Now that popular opinion is turning against this failed administration, the media are spinning even faster.

Click here to see Ed Meese call on Congress to condemn the actions of Barack Obama!'s Scott Whitlock even catches ABC congratulating Obama for his illegal appointments.

Beyond parroting the White House line on every national and international issue and event, the liberal media hide any story that exposes the many failures of this administration. The liberal media have no intention of truthfully reporting the news. Their goal is to discredit the opposition while dutifully and passionately reciting Obama’s liberal mantra as if it were news -- propagandizing in an attempt to reshape the political opinions of unwary Americans.

With our liberty and way of life in peril, the Media Research Center, the nation’s largest and most respected liberal media watchdog, is boldly moving forward to confront and defeat the unholy alliance between President Obama and the liberal media and demand objectivity and balance in news reporting.

In the weeks and months ahead, the MRC will leverage its formidable media resources and proactive grassroots members to expose and neutralize President Obama’s stranglehold on the liberal media.

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As a citizen of the United States, I am signing this petition to show my commitment with the Media Research Center to break President Obama’s unhealthy alliance with the Liberal Media that is threatening to undermine and destroy the foundation of our nation. I expect the news media to hold the President accountable for his actions and his policies rather than actively promoting them. Left unchecked and unchallenged, the liberal media will continue to manipulate the nation into supporting President Obama’s big-government, tax-and-spend, spread-the-wealth agenda to the detriment of our liberty and our economic freedom.

I demand the media stop serving as a mouthpiece for President Obama and I stand with the MRC in support of their efforts to expose and neutralize this deceptive and dishonest alliance.

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