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Letter to Advertisers

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UPDATE: Comedy Central's Advertisers Have Gotten The Message  

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Click above for a sample of Comedy Central's
 views on Christianity
Click above to listen to June Third's Press Conference in full with Brent Bozell and Conservative Leaders from around the Country.

Members of the coalition wrote to more than 300 potential advertisers for this show. The letters explained the nature of the program and stated how offensive the "JC" project would be, not only to the 83 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Christians, but also to many non-Christians including those who signed the petition. Coalition members then followed up with phone calls to the advertisers, speaking directly with representatives from most of the corporations that received the original letter.

Not one single sponsor indicated their intention to buy advertising time on the "JC" program if the program ever made it to Comedy Central's air.

"With literally zero advertiser support for this program, the only reason Comedy Central would put it on their broadcast schedule is in an effort to offend Christianity and Christians. There is no valid business reason for airing 'JC.'

"In light of this demonstration of overwhelming success, the Coalition's advertiser outreach will stand down. In the event that any advertiser changes its mind, that advertiser and its executives will be publicly called to account for supporting anti-Christian bigotry,"

-MRC Founder and President L. Brent Bozell
It is important to note that Comedy Central has not cancelled plans for their proposed "JC" show, so we need to continue to make our voices heard on this.

If you haven't already, we would still ask you to sign or petition and encourage your friends to do the same. Comedy Central's advertisers have committed not to advertise on "JC," and should any of them break that commitment we stand ready to take action as necessary.

Click here to read our press release.

Petition Opposing Comedy Centralís New Faith-Bashing Show and the Anti-Christian Double Standard

Just weeks after Comedy Central executives censored a program because of its depiction of Muhammad, the network has announced it has a new cartoon series in development that could not be more disrespectful of Christianity. Entitled "JC", the show will depict Jesus living in contemporary New York City trying to "escape his fatherís enormous shadow." According to Comedy Central, God is "an apathetic man who would rather play video games than listen to his son talk about his new life."

Once again, while Islam and other faiths are treated carefully and respectfully by the media and Hollywood elite, the Judeo-Christian heritage is open for mockery and ridicule. The Media Research Center is launching a citizen petition to expose this double standard and call on Comedy Central and its parent company Viacom to stop this blatant anti-Christian attack. Please sign the petition today and stand against this egregious double standard. 

  Add your name today and help us send as strong a message as possible to
Comedy Central right away!

I strongly oppose Comedy Centralís plans to air a new television cartoon series entitled "JC."

Based on Comedy Central's long history of mocking Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, it is clear that this show is intended to further denigrate a religion practiced by 83 percent of Americans.

There is a very clear double standard in the way the media and the popular culture treat Islam with respect and deference while mocking and ridiculing Christians and Christianity at every opportunity.

I urge Comedy Central and its parent company Viacom to cancel their plans to air "JC".

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