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Add Your Name to the Newest Edition of Liberty Counsel's "Amici Book" (Book of Friends)
A bound volume of the names of tens of thousands of friends and supporters will be among Mat Staverís resources on the Counselís Table at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on May 10, 2011 as he faces off against the Department of Justice to have the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (ObamaCare) declared unconstitutional!

The inscription on this gold-embossed book says: "AMICI...A Book of Remembrance. Friends Standing with Mathew D. Staver, Esq. and the Liberty Counsel Litigation Team." The scriptural concept undergirding this book is described in Malachi 3:16, and is a powerful testimony to the impact of unity in righteousness.
We are calling for tens of thousands of additional concerned Americans to be included in Liberty Counselís updated, revised edition of the Amici Book, which is Latin for a "Book of Friends."

The Amici Book currently contains over 79,215 names of people who committed to pray for Liberty Counselís hearing at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on May 10, 2011. Thatís when Mat Staver and the Liberty Counsel Litigation Team squared off against the Department of Justice to have the so-called "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (ObamaCare) declared unconstitutional!

Now the prayers and support from Liberty Counselís friends are even more critical as the panel of three judges from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals deliberate on their decision and set the stage for a likely appeal to the United States Supreme Court!

Matís most successful court presentations have come when he is undergirded by the prayers and support of tens of thousands of friends like you. But since the legal battle against ObamaCare is among the most historic pieces of litigation ever fought in the United States judiciary, we realized it would be important to have a physical representation of that support right in the courtroom where Mat can see it and draw strength from it!

Because of the great support Mat has received in past cases, especially for the pivotal hearing at the Fourth Circuit in early May, he knows that being encouraged by the equivalent of a packed stadium of people is indescribably powerful! The Amici Bookís presence in the May 10th hearing was extremely encouraging Ė how much more will it mean with hundreds of thousands of names at an eventual Supreme Court hearing!

The Amici Book is filled with name after name of your fellow American patriots who share Liberty Counselís position that ObamaCare is unconstitutional and MUST be struck down!

Your name can be added to the Amici Book simply by signing belowÖ

We only ask that you commit to remember the three-judge panel who heard our case, the Liberty Counsel Litigation Team, and especially our Founder and Chairman, Mat Staver, in prayer in the days leading up to the release of the decision by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mat expects that decision will come before the end of June 2011.

More than anything else, Liberty Counselís Amici Book (the concept is called a "Book of Remembrance" in the Bible Ė see especially the Lordís preparation of a book of Believers as described in Malachi 3:16) is a way of allowing you to be literally present in future court dates and an integral part of Liberty Counselís efforts to STOP ObamaCare before it is too late!

Together, we can invalidate the unconstitutional ObamaCare law in court before it does irreparable damage to Americaís healthcare system and turns us into just another European-style socialist state! Liberty Counselís "Amici" Book will greatly strengthen our litigation team as it fights ObamaCare in federal court each step of the way leading up to the United States Supreme Court!
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