Sign The National Petition To Protect Our Wives, Mothers And Daughters!

Americans are taking an important stand to protect women and girls across the nation. The aggressive, leftist effort to "accommodate" transsexuals in bathrooms, locker rooms and fitting rooms makes it easier for sexual predators to have access to potential victims. It's time to stop this kind of political correctness that puts wives, mothers and daughters at risk!

Businesses and Hollywood elites are successfully boycotting an entire state, and conservative Americans who speak out in favor of separate male and female facilities are being ridiculed, marginalized or even fired. Don't let these bullying efforts destroy our right to privacy by allowing them to silence Americans opposed to this "PC" madness. Fight back against President Obama's and the Left's attacks!

Take action now to pressure elected officials to keep men and boys out of women's and girls' bathrooms, locker rooms and fitting rooms. Sign the national petition to "Protect Our Wives, Mothers And Daughters"!

The petition states:

As a concerned citizen, I am calling on elected officials to PROTECT OUR WIVES, MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS from sexual predators. Keep men and boys out of women's and girls' bathrooms, locker rooms and fitting rooms!

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