Let RUBIO And The Other 60 "ObamaTrade" Senators Feel Your Outrage On Their "Fast Track" Dirty Deal!

Secret deals between Obama and the GOP have pushed the "Fast Track" deal to edge of the President's desk -- and we have the names of the 61 Senators who just made it happen! The worst offender of all is Sen. Rubio, who cast the deciding vote during the Fast Track "cloture" vote, then didn’t have the courage to even show up for the final Fast Track vote!

Fax Rubio And The Other 60 "Fast Track" Senators AT 44% OFF.

Grassfire has modified our "No Fast Track On ObamaTrade" FaxFire to target Rubio and the other 60 "ObamaTrade" Senators with the strongest message possible from citizens like you. We have discounted this special FaxFire by 44% to encourage every team member to take action. This is the best way you can express your outrage to the 61 "ObamaTrade" Senators.(To see a complete list of FaxFire contacts or to send your own faxes, click here.

Now we know THE 61 "OBAMATRADE" Senators who made the Boehner-McConnell-Obama dirty fast-track deal possible. FAX THEM NOW -- 44% OFF!

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