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De-fund Obama's Amnesty!

Passing a "symbolic bill" blocking Obama's Executive Amnesty is an empty gesture designed only to silence you!

Don't allow John Boehner and his GOP cohorts play you for a fool. Demand they go "all in" in the fight to stop Obama's amnesty by refusing to fund parts of the government that will implement his lawless move.

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Using Grassfire's exclusive FaxFire system, demand Republicans DE-FUND OBAMA'S ILLEGAL AMNESTY by attaching a rider to the upcoming spending bill. To view a complete list of FaxFire contacts, or to send your own faxes, click here.

Complete the form below to have your "DE-FUND OBAMA'S AMNESTY" faxes immediately delivered to specifically chosen targets on Capitol Hill -- including your two Senators and Representative.

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House and Senate Leadership, including, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions as well as your two Senators and Representative (Up to 15 targets)

All Of The Above Plus Members Of The Tea Party Caucus

All Of The Above, Plus Republicans Serving On House And Senate Budget Committees.

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