Tell Elected Officials From Massachusetts And Connecticut: "Free Justina Now!"

What's happening to 15-year-old Justina Pelletier and her family is upsetting, frightening, and downright un-American. Be a voice for Justina by faxing up to 40 state and federal lawmakers from Massachusetts and Connecticut. Demand they take action to force the Department of Children and Families to IMMEDIATELY release Justina from Massachusetts state custody, restore the parental rights of Lou and Linda Pelletier, and return their daughter to her family doctors.

Fax Lawmakers Now ... Before It's Too Late

Due to a lack of treatment for her mitochondrial disease, Justina's condition continues to deteriorate. It's up to grassroots patriots, like you, to be a voice for this precious teenager. Support the Pelletier family in their fight to free their daughter. Schedule your faxes now for immediate delivery to your two Senators, your Representative, and 17 state lawmakers from both parties in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Increase your impact by also faxing both governors and every Senator and Representative representing these states on Capitol Hill. Demand lawmakers work to "Free Justina Now!" so she can get the medical care she needs ... before it's too late.

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Fax your two Senators, your Representative and 17 state lawmakers from both parties in Massachusetts and Connecticut (20 faxes in all).

Fax the above group, plus every member of Congress from Massachusetts and Connecticut and the governors of both states (up to 40 faxes in all). 

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