Help Iraqi Believers Facing Genocide!

Grassfire is partnering with RUN Ministries to provide food, clean water, medicine, shelter and protection to Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities who have lost everything to ISIS evil. Tens of thousands of refugees in and around RUN's "Community of Hope" camps live under the constant threat of dehydration, starvation, exposure and genocide.

RUN Ministries has a solid network of believers throughout the Middle East who literally are risking their lives to rescue, renew and restore ISIS survivors. The cost of getting desperately needed relief supplies to RUN’s refugee camps is approximately $8 per person per day. This aid includes tents, blankets, food, clean water and other essentials.

Just $32 can provide relief to a family of four for one day, while $56 can help one Iraqi believer for an entire week. This is a practical way you can do something TODAY to help those facing genocide in Iraq. Thank you, in advance, for your generous support!

Simply complete the form below to make your tax-deductible gift to RUN Ministries. Thank you for making an eternal difference in the lives of Iraqi refugees who have lost everything to ISIS evil.

Yes, I want to help bring immediate relief to believers facing genocide in Iraq. Here is my special gift to help:

(Helps a family of four for one day)
(Helps one person for a week)
(Helps a family of four for two days)
(Helps feed and protect an Iraqi orphan for two weeks)
(Provides 30 days of food, water and protection for an Iraqi refugee in Camp #9)
(Helps ten people for a week)
(Helps a family of four for one month)

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